Singapore Laksa Paste

HOT - This fiery combination of robustly-flavoured ingredients has made this hot soup legendary. Equally delicious with chicken or seafood. There is a vegetarian version for those who would rather avoid shrimp.

Singapore Laksa

For 2 portions, bring 1.25 litres water, chicken or prawn stock to the boil and cook 100g rice vermicelli for 3 minutes.  Lift out vermicelli on a slotted spoon, place in bowls, and into the cooking liquid stir 1/3 jar Reuben Solomon's Singapore Laksa Paste. Add 500g of sliced chicken fillet or green prawns, deveined, and cook just until colour changes, then stir in 100mls coconut milk. Add slices of fried tofu, fresh bean sprouts and strips of cucumber as desired.

Ingredients - A blend of canola oil, spices, limes, salt, shrimp paste, garlic, fresh galangal, dried shrimp, cane sugar, citric acid, lemongrass, kemiri nuts, laksa leaves (Vietnamese mint).