Thai Cookbook

Published 1989

"In the global kitchen of culinary ideas, the food of Thailand is rapidly assuming ascendancy. Until a few years ago, Thai cooking was the overlooked Asian cuisine and visitors to the Land of Smiles found few Thai restaurants upon returning home. However, today, throughout the US and Canada, UK and Europe, Asia and Australia, the combination of fresh food, healthy cooking techniques and unusual flavours is a winning one. Charmaine Solomon's Thai Cookbook is the first complete guide to this exciting cuisine.  As well as over 180 mouthwatering recipes, the principal ingredients and cooking techniques are explained. Even simple yet effective presentation ideas are detailed in step by step photographs. The recipes are authentic and based on Charmaine's research in Thailand - but have been selected as those with most appeal to a western palate.  All the ingredients are readily available worldwide.

This is the book for everyone who has tasted Thai food and thought, "I wish I could cook this at home.  Now you can,easily. And for anyone who has missed out on Thai cuisine, Charmaine Solomon's Thai Cookbook is likely to be a revelation: It's an exciting yet thoughtful cooking style which is innovative enough to suit any dinner party and so reliable it will soon become a regular family favourite."