South East Asian Cookbook

Published 1972

The slim volume that introduced the cuisines of Asia to Australian kitchens. Charmaine Solomon comes from a family of exceptionally good cooks. As a young girl she liked to try new recipes but did not know her own talents as a practical took until she came to Australia. I first met Charmaine at a National Bake-Off contest, where she took second prize with a recipe so simple, so delicious, that it has survived the test of years and has appeared many times in "Woman's Day"as well as in my own cookery books, long after other prize-winning recipes have been forgotten. Her side knowledge of cooking won her a position as a valuable member of the staff on Woman's Day" and she is as much at ease at the typewriter as she is at the stove. I love being invited to Charmaine's home. I have eaten curry many times and in many countries, but her cooking is in a class by itself. What's more, with her gift for writing she presents her recipes with a clarity and simplicity that would make it difficult indeed to go wrong cooking from this book.  


Margaret Fulton